Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

BBC Second Annual Clean & Green Complete

Residents from up and down Beacon Street and even employees of Brightview Care Center showed up today for our second annual BBC Clean and Green. We cleaned out the triangle planter at Beacon and Lawrence, cleared out a storm drain (see photo), noted spots in the parkway in need of tree plantings, and even trimmed the massive "tree bush" in the 4500 block of Beacon. It was a great way to meet new neighbors on an already wonderful street.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

BBC Clean And Green Saturday, June 11

"We are planning our second annual BBC "Clean And Green" for Saturday, June 11 from 11am til noon. We would like to meet at Beacon and Lawrence and then work our way south on Beacon towards Montrose while picking up any trash. We'd also like to report any spots in the parkways on Beacon in need of tree plantings to 311. Bring work gloves and a trash bag and be ready to mingle with your neighbors on Beacon Street."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CAPS Beat 2311 Report

Good evening fellow BBC members,

Since this is my first report, I would like to start off with a few notes about our beat:

o Beacon Street is in the Chicago Police District 23, Beat 2311
o Beat 2311 is bounded by Lawrence, Clark, Montrose and Broadway
o The following link (CLEARPath) is a good resource of community information including crime stats that specific to District 23. You need to create a free login for the site.

If you have any trouble following the link, just Google ClearPath Chicago.


This month's CAPs meeting was very short. A review of the last month's crime stat's were given and then questions from the community were fielded.

A question was raised about the curfew and its usefulness to the CPD. A CPD rep. stated the curfew is enforced as often as possible and has proven to be a useful tool for getting kids off the street who might cause trouble or otherwise be the victim of trouble.

A question was raised as to what the police are doing to address the constant presence of young men at the strip mall across the street from the Starbuck's. According to police, no crime is being commited on this private property so the only way to get the kids to move along is if the owner's of the stores call 911. The likelihood of that has been apparant. The police think mainly due to the money the kids are pumping into the establishments.

The police reps were asked to comment on the drug arrests along Wilson ave. CPD confirmed that arrests have increased. There have been more cannabis arrests than harder drugs. There was not a mention of the effectiveness of the increased arrests.

There was a representative of the Uptown Chicago Commission on hand to speak about his organization. Richard Thale is the Public Safety Chair of that group and he was asking for volunteers to join the Commission's Court Advocay group. The Court Advocay group attends trials of crimes committed in our community and serves as a silent presence to show support for the victims of the crimes being prosecuted. I have attached the June court schedule for this group below.

Have a great week!

Michael Villafana
BBC CAPS Liaison

Thursday, July 15, 2010

CAPS Beat 2311 July 2010 Meeting Report

Hello BBC neighbors,

This month's CAPs meeting was a full house with almost all seats taken in the Truman College classroom it was hosted in.

I scanned in the documents that were available to us at the meeting:

Page 1 is the agenda including arrests stats since the last CAPS meeting in our beat.

Page 2 & 3 are a new method the CPD are using to fight drug trafficking via a dedicated phone number and info sheet that can be submitted anonymously.

Page 4 is a graphical representation of the top 10 crimes in beat 2311 and their counts.

Pages 5 - 10 are pictures of, "Newsworthy Crime Offenders" for Area 3. Note: Area 3 covers a larger area than our beat.

The individuals listed have been arrested, formally charged and are awaiting trial as of last night's CAPs meeting.

One of the officers pointed out the that the man on the first set of pictures in the lower right corner, Markus Moore, is a leading member of the Black P Stones. He was arrested for alcohol consumption and is awaiting trial.

There was a representative from State Rep District 13 Greg Harris' office present. The police informed us some of the progress in arrests are credited with the help provided by Greg.

The drug sales along Wilson were brought up. The CPD said the drug sales along Wilson are an ongoing investigation and that although they are actively working on it, Uptown will not see any immediate changes.

With that comment, the CPD noted they have targeted multiple crime spots in our beat. All of which will take time to complete.

In regards to gang loitering, the city has redone ordinances allowing them to replace existing practices. The new practice focuses on High Gang Conflict areas. These areas are identified by crunching data entered into the CPD crime database via arrests and investigations. The areas are updated on a weekly basis instead of the previous quarterly frequency. So as gang activity moves from one block to another, so do the CPD. We can help this process by calling 911 when see crimes.

The CPD re-iterated that it is time to call 911 when a police officers presence can make a difference at the time of the call. Among the obvious, this also includes aggressive panhandling.

The CPD stated that 1/3 of the panhandler arrests in Chicago are in Uptown.

The June 24th Black Escalade incident on Malden was brought up. Police have no leads. They have located the vehicle but the owner is not cooperating.

Richard, from the Court Advocay group spoke about his organization (see the first CAPS meeting minutes for more info).

A citizen identified herself as the owner of the Godfather's Pizza and mentioned she has young men coming into her establishment that she feels are gang members and just there to get off the street to avoid being seen by the police. Not all will make purchases and she does ask them to leave. The CPD stated as an owner of the business she has a right to tell any patron to not come back. If they do she can contact the police to fill out a formal complaint and they will investigate. The CPD also stated the building Godfather's inhabits is under an ongoing investigation.

A citizen mentioned the alley between Malden and Magnolia at about 4425 (?) that young men/kids hang out in. They turn over dumpsters on either end of the alley so cars don't drive down it.

There was also mention of a car that drives a loop around that block (20 times a day?) that citizens feels is gang/drug related.

Police re-iterated to call 911 if we feel the police can make a difference in these situations.

The next CAPS meeting is August 10 at 7p.

That's all for this time.

Michael Villafana, BBC CAPS Liaison